Greetings From The Cape Of Good Hope


Greetings from the Cape Of Good Hope at the end of the Cape Peninsula, South Africa. It was here where the Portuguese explorer Bartholomeu Dias landed in 1488. On arrival here he christened the cape Cabo das Tormentas (Cape of storms) before its later and more well known Cape Of Good Hope name. Contrary to what many think this is in fact not the most southernly point of Africa (that prize goes to Cape Agulhus, around 200kms to the east). However the Cape Of Good Hope is a majestic sight; a veritable lands end with the mighty force and temper of the southern Atlantic Ocean lashing against it’s rock face. Looking deeper south from the Cape there is over 5000km of raw, undisciplined wild ocean before the edge of Antartica appears; an area which requires solid Shackleton cojones to take a chance with.


by Nicholas Peart

8th August 2016

(all rights reserved)


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