The Slider Is Back In Business!


The Slider is back in action after a not insubstantial period of inactivity.

Last December I travelled to India and wrote about my experiences in Delhi. Then suddenly…nada. I spent over four months in India and in due course I will be sharing with all you good people many more posts from my time over there.

Between now and March, I’ve been helping my sister Caroline establish her own exciting online support services platform called Elixtacy, where I am also a contributing writer. I highly recommend you all to have a look. If you or anyone you know have any emotional/mental/relationship problems, she has a wealth of experience and is incredibly understanding and knowledgeable. As well as helping individuals, she also has the tools to help entrepreneurs and businesses.

Watch out for some new travel posts very soon as well as other posts on things which I find interesting and insightful.

Happy Sunday everyone!!


Thee Slider