The Slider Gets An Award!

Some exciting news! The Slider has been nominated for a Liebster Award by the wonderful April Greene. Many thanks April!




The Liebster award is online recognition by bloggers to new and up and coming bloggers. When nominated for this award, you answer 11 questions set by the ‘nominator’ and then you nominate 11 of your favourite new bloggers (with less than 200 followers – although I think one can be a little flexible on this) and ask them 11 questions.


Here are April’s 11 questions for me with my answers

1. What’s the coolest award you’ve ever gotten?
I’d say this one is pretty cool and winning the art cup at school many moons ago.

2. When did you last ride a public bus?

3. Have you ever slipped when getting out of the shower and felt older than you actually are?
Not yet

4. Which of your childhood friends are you saddest to have lost touch with, and what you do think they’re doing now?
My earliest friend (and partner in crime) Tom. I reckon he’s either on a beach or in jail.

5. Honestly: Do you really consider it the three-second rule? Have you ever extended it to more seconds? If so, how many?
3 seconds is too fast for my antique brain. 10 – 15 seconds for me.

6. Why do you think all those houseplants have died under your care?
If there is one thing my mum would get really mad at me about it would be negligence of the houseplants. You see, I am just too Lebowski lazy to comply; it’s too much of a drag man!

7. Please describe the time you sung most humiliatingly in public.
At my friend’s birthday party many years ago, we rented out a place for a mammoth non stop night of karaoke. I belted out I Want To Know What Love Is by The Foreigner (and subsequently ruined my vocal chords for the next three weeks). Yet in my defence my performance was just a drop in the ocean compared to another mate of mine who sang with all his might Delilah by Tom Jones while someone had the ingenious idea to pour champagne over his head during the chorus

8. Best popcorn topping. Go.
I don’t think I’ve ever had a popcorn topping. What do you recommend?

9. Would you rather dream of a spider infestation or a snake infestation? Why?
If they were venomous neither.

10. What is your least favorite color? Explain.
Yellow. But not Indian yellow or the yellow of the sun which are both very beautiful. But the awful yellow hue you sometimes find on the walls of sterile hotel rooms; it makes me feel nauseous and drowns my spirits. Anyone with a modicum of sensitivity will know the power colour has on us. I highly recommend the small book Concerning The Spiritual In Art by the great artist Wassily Kandinsky.

11. Should 7-Eleven have discontinued their Sour Patch Watermelon Slurpee flavor? Why or why not?
I am over on the other side of the pond


Here are my top 11 new blogs

1. Burnside Notes

2. Mis Tourist

3. The Cooking Spoon

4. Sleeping Frogs

5. Setmeravelles

6. Dylan Raines

7. Josh Bunce

8. The LondonY

9. Laura Speers

10. Salted Ignorance

11. The Electric Light Company


My 11 questions

1. Who is your favourite musician/band?

2. Have you ever been to sub Saharan Africa?

3. What is your culinary speciality?

4. What is your favourite film?

5. Is there a special place close to your heart in the world you have visited?

6. Can you recommend a great place to visit in your city/town/village which not many people know about?

7. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

8. Is there a particular work of art (painting, sculpture, drawing, photograph, conceptual work or just any artefact) that is close to your heart?

9. What was the first concert you attended?

10. What is your favourite inspirational quote?

11. When was the last time you cried?


What are the rules for the Liebster Award?

Once you accept a nomination, you are expected to complete the following steps:
– Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you
– Create a post on your blog, displaying the Liebster Award logo
– Answer the 11 questions assigned by the blogger who nominated you
– Provide rules/instructions for accepting the award
– Nominate 11 new favorite bloggers for the Liebster Award
– Come up with a list of 11 new questions for your nominees
– Notify the nominees
– Post your Liebster Award blog post link in the comments of your nominator’s Liebster Award Post


by Nicholas Peart

25th August 2016

(All rights reserved)